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Certified Early Childhood Care Teacher

SanjaryKids Pre – School Teacher Training Certification Program is design and develop by Sanjary Educational Academy which is essential for Teachers in the sphere of Early Childhood Education.

Early Childhood Education has been recognized almost worldwide and rapidly increasing demand and requires qualified / competent teachers or experts in the field of Pre – School.

Our Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education Teachers Training have world class quality educators in Pre – School Education.

Early childhood education revolves around aged up to 6 years and requires multiple methods of instructions as this period witnesses maximum Brain Development and requires a good understanding of the child psychology. The course imparts best training to the aspiring teachers with the basic methodologies required for early childhood care and education as an early childhood teacher needs to understand the individual needs to provide the best education

Course Details
Eligibility criteria Only Females. Any Graduates
Duration of Course 30 Days (60 hours – Theory & Practical) including 10 days on field internship in Sanjarykids International Pre School, Hyderabad, India
Daily Classes One Hour Per day – 20 Days & 10 Days field interships
Course Fee Rs 39000/-, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Course Reference SanjaryKids & Sanjary Educational Academy Society Norms and National & International Norms
Course Syllabus
Module 1 Introduction of Early Childhood Education – ECE
Module 2 Basically trains teachers in all aspects of early childhood care and education
Module 3 Focus is on child psychology and early childhood care
Module 4 Communication Skills
Module 5 Focuses on modern early childhood teaching methodologies
Module 6 Story / Poem
Module 7 Establish worksheets and lecture plans
Module 8 Workshop & assignment
Module 9 Records
Module 10 Celebrations actives and parent connect

Certification Criteria

Candidates shall meet the following examination requirements to be considered for certification as “ Certified Early Childhood Care Teacher ”. Pass a written three part examination as follows.

  • Part 1 Theory Examination
  • Part 2 Workshop / Assessment
  • Part 3 Oral Examination

Candidate shall pass each part of the examination. Individual failing any part of the above examination must retest on particular part as applicable.

Candidate must score minimum of 50 percent on each of the above examination to be eligible for the certificate.

Note : Certificate, Marks Sheet will be awarded to the candidate after successful completion of course & examination.

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